JUDYHUA Studio旗下主线品牌“⾼级时装JUDYHUA”以极 简建筑风格,卓越设计,优质面料及精湛⼯艺成为中国设 计师品牌之翘楚,被主流媒体及消费者誉为源自中国的奢侈 品。

曾与凯迪拉克、戴森、HARRY WINSTON等跨⾏业顶级 品牌有过深⼊合作……


华娟,先锋时装设计师,JUDYHUA Studio创意总监。




亚洲首位与全球顶级珠宝品牌Harry Winston跨界合作的设计师。

JUDYHUA, its main brand, has become the leader of China's  designer brands with its minimalist architectural style,  excellent design, high-quality fabric and exquisite  workmanship, and is hailed as a luxury from China by  mainstream media and consumers.

It also has in-depth cooperation with top brands in different  industries such as Cadillac, Dyson and Harry Winston.

Judy Hua, avant-garde fashion designer, creative director of JUDYHUA Studio.

Judy Hua has been titled “Chinese Independent Designer of the Year” on ELLE Style Award.

She won two Shanghai Fashion Week “The Best Style Awards”.

She has collaborated with famous contemporary artists Chunya Zhou, Zaidong Zheng, Yuping Wang and architect Wei Zhou.The first Chinese fashion designer who collaborated with British black tech brand Dyson.

The first Asian fashion designer who collaborated with Harry Winston, the world's top jewelry brand.